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About us

Prof. M Prakash


“I have been working for the talented students from Pune city for more than three decades.

During my close association with these talented students, I was shocked to discover that these top students from almost every school get a raw deal. These students have enormous potential for accelerated learning. Unfortunately the schools do not have the time, will and requisite expertise to meet the needs of these talented students.

Hence I have founded M. Prakash Institute to cater to the needs of young talented students of Pune city.

Already several students have been benefitted from training we have provided and have made us proud by winning dozens of medals at various internatinal olympiads.

I warmly invite fresh young students to join the institute so that they too can fullfill their cherised goals”.

Prof. M Prakash


Recognised as India’s most valuable centers for IIT JEE Training, M. Prakash Institute (MPI) is an excellent opportunity for students not only in terms of getting ‘trained’ for IIT-JEE but also in terms of getting ‘educated’ for developing interest in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

At MPI, our mission is to give best quality education to best quality enthusiasts. We believe that growth is not measured through numbers but quality of the output. Our results of IIT-JEE as well as different International Olympiads are so self explanatory that MPI has now become the first, default choice of the best brains from across Maharashtra. Teachers personally trained by Prof. M. Prakash is our basic strength with which we have been constructing the monumental results for a decade. We do not believe in merely myopic goals of ‘cracking’ the IIT entrance. Hence our students not only outperform others in IIT-JEE but continue the same trend in their career as graduate students of any of the IITs and other prestigious institutes.

Well planned sequence of curriculum, in-depth explanation of course content, wonderful classroom interaction, emphasis on focussed problem solving, highly energetic and motivating teachers, personal interaction with and attention to each student, strong peer learning, students’ familarity with highly scrutinised world-class problems, tireless practice tests are the important features of learning at MPI. With such finely created learning environment, success becomes an obvious outcome, not a surprise.

We believe that it is not the print or electronic media, but the faith and goodwill of our past students and their parents that has carved a path for us to the top position.

Team of Mathematics

Suneel Chinchanikar
(IIT Madras)
Foundation and JEE

Subodh Pethe
B.Tech- Chemical
(Nagpur University)
Foundation and JEE

Raj Hiremath
(Pune University)

Chandana Erande
BE -Mechanical
(Pune University)

Datta Mhadekar
Pune University
Archana Agrawal
M.Sc Mathematics
(Gold Medalist)
Foundation and JEE

Team of Chemistry

Kavita Upadhyay
M.Sc. Chemistry
(Pune University)
Foundation and JEE

Indraraj Khatri
(DAVV Indore)
Foundation and JEE

Bhushan Lohar
BE-Petrochemical (University of Pune)
MTech-Chemical (BVDU)
Foundation and JEE

Anandmayee Sohani
M.Sc.-Bio Chemistry
(Mumbai University)

Manjusha Tappu
Msc B.Ed. in Physical Chemistry
(Pune University)

Suvarna Katdare
B.Pharm, M.P.M.
(Pune University )

Team of Physics

Vishevesh Muzumdar
M.Sc-Physics, M.Tech
(IIT Mumbai)
Foundation and JEE

Anand Jalagi
(Pune University)

Bhushan Bhagwat
B.E.(Mechanical), Pune University
Masters in Management Studies (Marketing), Mumbai University

Hemant Sawant
MSc (Physics) | MTech
(Pune University)

Amit Godbole
BE -Mechanical, MBA -Marketing
(Mumbai University)

Our Staff

Ms. Trupti

Sagar Shinde