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Recognised as India’s most valuable centers for IIT JEE Training, M. Prakash Institute (MPI) is an excellent opportunity for students not only in terms of getting ‘trained’ for IIT-JEE but also in terms of getting ‘educated’ for developing interest in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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At MPI, our mission is to give best quality education to best quality enthusiasts. We believe that growth is not measured through numbers but quality of the output. Our results of IIT-JEE as well as different International Olympiads are so self explanatory that MPI has now become the first, default choice of the best brains from across Maharashtra.

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About Our Institute

M. Prakash Institute LLP, formerly known as M. Prakash Academy, was formed by Prof. M. Prakash in 2002 after successfully completing the program Gold 2002. Right from the day one, the idea was to provide best training to the best students.
Initially Prakash Sir, along with Vishvesh Sir and Kavita Madam started with only IIT JEE training with handpicked 20 students. After having wonderful results with these early batches, in 2006, academy started admitting 80 students. Then simultaneously foundation program was started for VIII standard students. Today we admit about 240 students in VIII std, 40 students in IX std and about 120 students in XI std.
In 2017, Prakash Sir decided to phase out from the day- to- day activities of M. Prakash Academy. The faculty members wanted to continue with the good work. All teachers came together and decided to form ‘M. PRAKASH INSTITUTE’. Suneel Chinchanikar and Subodh Pethe are leading the team of teachers under MPI LLP. Prakash Sir continues to be our inspiration, mentor and guide.
As on date, M. Prakash Institute is one of the most sought after institute in Maharashtra for IIT JEE training or Foundation Program. Every year about 800 students appear for selection test of VIII std and about 700 students appear for selection test of XI. Out of which 240 in VIII std and 40 in XI std get admission in institute. Selection test of MPI is considered to be one of the toughest exams.

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